Introducing the Shared Concern method in Peace Education

The author of the Shared Concern method has been a part-time participant in the Peace Education movement since the late 60ís, maintaining the thesis that "Peace Education can be created only in co-operation with the other side". In the 80's, he arranged  "Prepa-red  Constructive Confrontations" between professional East-West groups. 

The Shared Concern method was not explicitly mentioned but implied as a tool for Peace Education in an article by Anatol Pikas at the web site of TRANSCEND in 1999. TRANSCEND is  a world-wide organization, founded by Johan Galtung for promotion of ideas and practice  of peace.  This article summarizes Peace Education experiences asking the question:

What method will catch the interest of youngsters, motivate their teachers and provide long-lasting international effects? Anatol Pikasí answer is that Peace rhetoric is not enough, not either artistic performances of group discussion forming peace attitudes to create patterns for peace behaviour.
Peace practice at the macro level has to be founded at the micro level. SCm is a tool for taking the step from peace attitudes to peace behavior. 

After that TRANSCEND publication Anatol Pikas was asked to become co-ordinator of TRANSCEND Peace Education activities. However, he says that his talent is not to organize the activities of other creative people but to work hmself with students in schools and universities, finding ways to operationalize Peace Education. The students are involved in investigating the theses exposed in the present article.